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Going one step back, but two steps forward!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, April 4, 2011 Under: Agility: Foundation
So I found out that if I ran along side of kenzie, she would jump due to added drive. Also, if I were on her right side, she would almost always jump. If I were on her left, she would give the perfect running behavior. So I decided to: change the dirction of the board, we were running east to west, so now we run north to south, and then also take away the board, so that she is just running between the gates (still 10' apart) on the grass. She has absolutely no reason to jump now! So I ran her this way for 3 sessions, with her running beutifully every time. I made sure that I was sending her, recalling her, and running with her HARD, so that she understands that she is to run no matter what I do. Then I put the board down, still going north to south...and she ran it BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! Perfect 100% of the time....and she was quite a bit faster than she had been going before =)

This is her running last week (before our one step back and two forward)

Here is a video of running on grass only

And here is the first time running her on the board again...much faster!

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