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Our New Dog!!!!! Miss Kenzington!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Under: Dog Care

Ok, so her real name is McKenzie, but we call her Kenzie, Kenz, and Miss Kenzington already, and we have only had her for three days! She has quickly stolen both Steve and My hearts, and we cannot imagine a more perfect dog for our family. She is gorgeous red merle Border Collie, and I am trying to figure out if she has Aussie in her as well, which would explain the unusual color. She moves as a border collie, and has the right shape and coat texture to be a full border collie, the coloring is just not very common.

Miss Kenzie we think is 3yrs old, and she LOVES to play fetch with tennis balls. She also loves to cuddle. When she came to us she did not know anything more than sit, as far as we could tell, but she has already learned down, and how to walk nicely on a leash. She is friendly to everyone she meets, and is likely to howel a hello if they are not paying attention to her.

Kenzie I think is coming down with Kennel Caugh. I am pumping her full of coloidal silver and echinacea, hoping that she will be able to fight it before it becomes full force KC. The fact that she does not like anyone messing with her mouth does make this difficult, especially when we are trying to win her trust. This also makes brushing her teeth a not so near possibility. We have started petting and stroking and massaging her face/muzzle, to desensitize her to that, we will see if that helps. I was able to lift her lip while petting her this morning, so that is a marked improvement already. Kenzie does have a little plaque on her teeth, so we need to get her over this as quickly as possible, so that we can brush them!

From Scared and Alone                                                                  

To Happy and Loved!


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