So, as I was telling my Agility instructor Mary Van Wormer, I can now see why they say that Running Contact training is not for everyone...after I decided that I needed to start at square one after three weeks of hard training...I almost gave up. I actually thought about it, but then I went to church and felt that the sermon was written just for me, telling me not to give up on God, but to keep up the good work, trusting that He would bring a harvest. SO...if it were up to me I would have given up, but God told me to keep going, and to trust Him that it would not all be in vain, so that is what I am doing. Things are going much better now, I put up the tunnel at the start end of the board yesterday, and WOW, she came out of there like a bullet!!! And she was going wayyyy too fast to be able to jump at the end of the board, so she got 100%!