These are my specifications for agility equipment to make at home.

They are made according to AKC specifications to my best knowledge, but are not guaranteed to be accurate, safe, or suitable for use. Build and use at your own discretion.

A frame

Wood: 35-49 inches wide, and length 9 feet.  Can be 4 feed at bottom and taper to 3 feet at top

Height is 5’,6”. Top is painted (alternate sand and flat latex paint)

Slats are placed ½ in thick and 1 in wide and extend to within ¼ in of panel sides.

            They are 12 in. apart, with no slat within 4 in of top

Contact zones are painted on lower 42 in with ¼ in tolerance. Bright yellow.


Dog Walk

3 pieces of Wood, 12 inches wide, and each 12 feet long.

Within a 2 in tol, top of center section is 48 in above the ground

Top surfaces of all section are painted and have rough non slip surfaces (sand and flat latex paint)

Slats same as aframe

Contact zones are painted on lower part of plank: 45in on ascending side ramp, and 42in on descending side ramp. Slat may be within 4 inches of top of contact zone on the ascending side.



Wood plank 12in by 12 feet.

Base extends 2 in past sides of plank so dogs can see pivot point

Plank is balanced so it hits the ground in less than 3 seconds when a 3 pound weight it placed 12 inches from the raised end.

The height is measured at the top of the board at the pivot= 24in plus or minus 2 in. same paint as aframe

Slats are not allowed.

Contact zones are 42inches from bottom of both sides yellow


Pause table

36 in square =/- 2 in

carpet may be used

edge of top of table greater than 3 in

edge be in contrast to top (which should be light color)

24in in height


Open tunnel

24 in in diameter

4 in rib spacing

length 10-20 ft

supports not under or structured in the middle



Closed tunnel

Barrel is 24-36in long and 24in diameter w 2 in tolerance. Secured in place

Padding on top of barrel and on floor of barrel 6 in high

Chute is made of ripstop nylon or pack cloth like materials

Circumference of chute flares from circumference of barrel to 96 in at exit.

Total length of obstacle is 12 feet with 2 inch tolerance.


Weave Poles:

Rigid upright 4 in high to support the pole

Base covered in non-slip surface and be no higher than ¾ in and no wider than 3 ½ in

The base should be secured so the weave poles do not move

Poles are 1-1 ¼  and 40 in tall.

Poles are placed 22 in apart. No more than 4 in from base

Stripes placed at 10 and 20 in from ground


Bar Jumps:

Bars circular w/ 1 ¼  to 1 ¾  in diameter, plastic or wood at square w same #

Bars must be 4-5 feet long and striped (pvc 40 or furniture grade)

Inside of upright at least 32 in tall and 1-36 in width

Inside height of 42 and width of 3 ¼ in , and width of 24 in recommended.


Panel Jump

Same measurements as pole.

6 boards, 4-5 feet long3-4 in wide, and no thicker than 1 inch

ends should be rounded to fit in jump cups