Reactive Dog Training Class 

We are staring a class that I feel has been needed in this area for quite some time, and that is a treatment plan for dogs with dog/dog aggression.  This method works for dogs with fear aggression, as well as dominance aggression and prey aggression. There is a limit of 3 dogs per class, and we meet in a very large parking lot so there is no chance of the dogs actually coming in contact with each other. The goal is to get them calm around one another, then they can graduate to a larger group class. There is a mandatory three private lesson prerequisite, after which the dog will be assessed as to whether he/she is ready for the class or needs more preparation time.

We will be using a variation of Ali Brown's method outlined in The Dog Trainer's Resource (2007). This method uses a variety of training concepts, such as positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, counter conditioning and clicker training. This program is not for the faint of heart! It will take at least 20 minutes of training every day (two sessions of 10 minutes) as well as coming to a 1- 1.5hr long class once a week. How long it takes your dog to make a marked improvement depends on your dog, how much time you spend in training, and how severe the aggression/anxiety is.


What does reactive dog mean?

A reactive dog is one that reacts more severely than a situation calls for, every time he is in that situation. Examples include; dog who lunge at or away from another dog when he walks by him, dogs who are aggressive any time they see another dog, or dogs who are aggressive every time they see a stranger (outside of the home/yard). 


Pricing for the Reactive Dog Training Class:

3 private lessons: $125    (additional 1 private lesson if needed at no additional cost)

6 wks in a Reactive Dog training class; $150 

         Includes: (6) 1-1.5hr classes, plus 6 mid-week phone consultations (one per week).


The beauty of this method is that ANY behavior can be modified through correct applications of operant conditioning, counter conditioning, and enough patience. 

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