Teaching off leash heeling, or "Shadowing"

Advanced shadow heeling

Your dog should LOVE getting his teeth brushed, not hate it! Follow these steps, being sure to move at your dog's pace and not rush it, and your dog could love it too! I stayed at each step for around 4 days for Kenzie. ie let her just lick it off of my finger for 4 days, then over 4 days rubbed it on more and more of her teeth, then let her lick it off of the brush for 4 days, etc. 

second part of this video

Some doggies showing off their SKILLS!!!

Riley showing off his tricks at 1yr old.

Little Venga at 5 months old showing off her tricks. 

Kenzie showing off some of her favorite tricks. The first one is "say your prayers". She is working for her dinner here. 

Here she is "cleaning the wall"

Little Tristan earning his dinner. Boy, he's not having fun at all, huh? =)