Here are some videos I have posted on various topics. They are NOT professionally made, they are just make-do videos since I do not have a camera man, or good software =(  

I hope they are helpful,


This is our first group class with Kenzie. There were 6  other dogs in that class, and 11 in the class we watched beforehand, with no reactivity issues for the entire time we were there!!!

AGILITY: The Journey, from the beginning

Teaching a really good shadow heel is the basis of all Agility, and many other dog sports.

This is Kenzie's first video on Agility Training!!! You can see that she was just learning how to work for the toy...her #1 reward now!

Teaching your dog to swing his hips sideways by shaping the behavior on a perch box is a great first way to teach hind-end awareness (very important for agility dogs), and is also a great introduction to shaping.

Advanced shadow heeling at high speeds with front cross and shoulder pull. 

Teaching a stopped behavior at the end of the teeter.



Maintaining a strong "Leave-it" behavior

This how I maintain Riley's "Off" command. I use this when he is aggressing and I wish him to stop: ie at a construction worker working right in front of our house, if he were chasing a squirrel,  or if he were in protection mode with a guest because they did not knock to announce their presence.